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Standing, in the middle is grandmother Margalit. Front row, 2nd left is grandfather Haim.

״In a shorter passage (but not less remarkable) mezzo-soprano Maya Amir is crossing all the ambitus and varieties of the vocal colors in an immense phrase the flexibility of Ravel's Kaddish offers. The deep tone stays soft, the law register is present still serves as a support of her high and shining notes (like her white dress)."

Charles Arden, Olyrix | Paris, 29.06.2022

“Particularly noteworthy was Maya Amir’s flexible mezzo-soprano, rich in fascinating nuances, in the trouser role of Cherubino.”

Ury Eppsetin, The Jerusalem Post | Jerusalem, 10.01.2015

"The audience rewarded the musicians of the Barrocade Israeli Baroque Collective , co-tenor Yaniv d'Or and mezzo-soprano Maya Amir with long-lasting applause and ovations."

Varaždin, 02.10.2022

"Beautiful combination of short pieces from different periods. Madrigals of Monteverdi and Ferrari from the Early Baroque, alongside wonderful ancient Ladino and folk songs arranged by Federico Garcia Lorca... A captivating combination of popular pieces, catchy to the ear; some are very well-known with a high musical quality."

“The performance of countertenor Yaniv d'Or (the younger brother of the world-renowned singer, David D’or) and mezzo-soprano Maya Amir received an especially warm reception by the festival’s audience."

Varaždin, 25.12.2022

“My songs deal with bonds between men and women, existence, man and the universe around, the inner self, hopes, disappointments and an endless longing for the unattainable and the desired"

Aviva Amir

Ruti Kadosh, Ma`ariv | Tel Aviv, 21.02.2019

"My grandmother claimed to be the first to spot my musical talent. She is an amazing character"

Maya Amir in conversation with Rivka Jacobson | 23.09.2021

The wonderful voice of mezzo-soprano Maya Amir, an excellent virtuoso with acrobatic coloraturas, great actress and musical performer"

Elena Biggi Parodi, L`Arena | Verona, 06.03.2023


Maya received her first review when she was nine-month-old by her grandmother, Margalit. Margalit comes from a musical family who lived in Safed for eight generations. When grandmother Margalit - who was an amateur gifted singer – started singing a children song for Maya, the little one continued singing the melody accurately and enthusiastically. The excited grandmother declared: “this child is going to be a talented singer”.

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