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Barrocade with Maya Amir and Yaniv D`Or:

Summer Love Song

Friday, 22nd May, 2022, Rabin Center Tel Aviv. Wednesday, 26th May 2022, Tel Aviv Museum.

"Beautiful combination of short pieces from different periods. Madrigals of Monteverdi and Ferrari from the Early Baroque, alongside wonderful ancient Ladino songs and folk songs arranged by Federico Garcia Lorca. These integrates with beloved pieces from the 20th century like Asturias of Albeniz and "Gracias a la vida" of Violeta Parra, and with original pieces composed by the soloists, or that they are partner of the composition. As for the repertoire, here there is a winning combination of popular pieces, catchy to the ear, some are very well known with a high musical quality. This is a program that could be enjoyable for listeners from different ages, including children. "

Amir Mendel, Haaretz

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