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Maya Amir is crossing all the ambitus and varieties of the vocal colors... The deep tone stays soft, the low register is present still serves as a support to her high and shining notes.

Charles Arden


Particularly noteworthy was Maya Amir's flexible mezzo-soprano, rich in fascinating nuances, in the trouser role of Cherubino.

Ury Eppstein

The Jerusalem Post

The audience rewarded mezzo-soprano Maya Amir with long-lasting applause and ovations.

RTL Hrvatska

Mezzo-soprano Maya Amir specializes in historically informed performance of baroque operas from the 17th and 18th centuries – her subject of passion


Avventura Barroca is a Baroque collective of enthusiastic musicians, specialists of historically informed performance, founded by Mezzosoprano Maya Amir.


"It is only when a person is entirely in tune with his or her inner tones, that the sound they produce is really something new they invent, something that stimulates and excites the listener"

Maya Amir

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